My day starts with great coffee – I can’t think, answer my phone or even talk to a customer until my first shot. My name is Judd Campbell & I have a coffee problem.

That’s why I went to the best when selecting my coffee supplier. I wanted to team up with people who actually gave a shit about the planet and I found a company, Colombo Fine Beverage Co. This passionate family take so much pride in the way they ethically source, drum-roast and pack Judd Espresso Blend and Single Estate Coffee. They select 100% Arabica & 100% African beans every season for me and roast each individual origin to its own taste profile, before blending them together in harmonious espresso balance.

Sometimes they find a seasonal Single Estate Coffee that is so special on its own that we pack it unblended. This single origin coffee is usually great through a plunger or a drip filter.

Browse their website for more tips on making a brilliant cup of coffee or call them on 031 2053283 ask for Kyle.

Use the tin our coffee come in to plant herbs in or keep on your desk for pens hell if you bring it back ill give you a discount on your next batch. Loving the planet one cappuccino at a time.

Order here..

Download this taste profile sheet for answer’s I can’t help you with- Judds Blend Info Sheet