The Cafe of Love

We are an eco-restaurant, we try to conduct business in a manner that least disrupts the environment. Beverages are ordered in glass bottles, no plastic or tin. We do not stock plastic straws and serviettes are linen not paper. All washing and cleaning is done with dolphin friendly detergents. Excess kitchen scraps are fed into our wormery and turned into worm tea which in turns feeds our garden from which we grow our herbs. We do not use microwaves nor chip fryers. We do not use bathroom aerosols but instead use flower essential oils, or i cut up handfulls of lemon grass and leave it on the floor in the toilets and it smell so kiff.

With saying this we are not tree hugging, tie dye wearing hippies, we are just ordinary people trying to save the planet “one cappucino at a time”.

what the hell have you done for the planet lately….get your thumb out your butt folks time is ticking, commit yourself to a green lifestyle, it really isnt that hard.

and try stay off to much meat…if you have to eat meat try they animals have had a happy life and an unaware death.