Roses are red, violets are blue…

dear riley, we had our last valentines day without you on tuesday. normally it wouldve been dinner at cafe 99….but they couldnt fit me in (can you believe they turned me, me a professional in the industry…away). plan B was alliance francis on windemere road, i was told it would be poetry, french cinema & a picnic under the stars…and it was. poetry to me is silly. i dont understand why people feel the need to say “oh how do i love thee let me count the ways” when you can just say “fuck you are kiff hey” but this poetry was read in french by french chicks with sexy accents, then repeated again by deaf people using sign language, then finally in english. maybe it was my mood or your empending arrival but i got into it, i couldnt even speak without trying to make it rhyme in some way. like i ordered a glass of wine by saying “might i have a glass of red wine, whats devine are you familiar with the vine” i mean i was even upsetting myself.

sexy french lady on the right

the movie was great but i kept nodding off until the guy next to me (who i think was also suffering from cramp and fatigue) lets just call him Gary, send those three magical words everyone wants to hear on valentines day “lets have tequila” and that riley was that, i was drunk in 30mins and speaking fluent french in just over an hour.

im serious they project onto the wall in the garden

thank the coffee gods and tim (owner of the fat croissant, kiff spot if you havent been) the single esspresso was a welcome reward for a boozed up night. i love my wife, i love my life (still rhyming) and i love you riley poo (one more little rhyme there, did you pick it up?) juddy-loves-french-poetry-evenings-at-alliance francaise-de-durban-poo (please re-read in a heavy french accent) p.s. i might send you for french lessons my little girl


One Comment on “Roses are red, violets are blue…”

  1. Penni Will says:

    Juddy-Poo, I subscribe to your ramblings, and I simply love you to bits! You crack me right up the middle bru. Being a Durban girl myself, I love to read your blogs… perhaps a little nostalgia for home, living in Jozi now.
    Good luck for the birth of Riley-Poo…. Can’t be too long to go now. PW