heroes wanted

dear unborn frankie(we like this name for you now)but your volatile mother may change it again so dont get too attached,

heroconvention (i dont know how to make the poster appear so have a look yourself)

this sat from 4pm until 9pm the cafe will get down and earthy in an attempt to kick off the first of series of parties designed to save us all from certain death.

thanx to a team of muso`s from hip hop folks to violinists the cafe will be transformed into a cafe for good instead of my usual “lets take all the money i can from those coffee addicts and spend it on my unborn kids room” approach.

its all free thanx to the artists, who are a fatastic group of non-hippy types that give a shit about the planet, and WESSA…now these guys are my new best friends, its an NGO thats been around since 1926 (thats when danie craven was still playing rugby).       http://www.wessa.org.za/

so my evil plan is to hook up with these eco warlords and do some goodness on earth so that you, my child, still have a planet to play on. Frankie my dear you`ve put it all into perspective little one.

dont get me wrong, we will still get boozed heavily on some local beers and spirits (cane is made locally, which is great news) and ill still invite more girls than guys and fun will be had by all.

frankie, whoever doesnt come to the heroes convention is a planet parasite.



3 Comments on “heroes wanted”

  1. Damn….wish I could be there….but have a work function, sounds like loads of fun…

  2. michele says:

    my dogs name is Frankie

  3. Barbs says:

    Since I’m sitting IN the Cafe Whilst reading this, it’s a date