its a GIRL folks

dear daughter girl,

what a day, im so A.D.H.D that if i dont write this down now ill never remember how it went.

picture it, durban 2011, the 9th day of the second to last month of that year. your mother and i had to leave a very busy cafe to have the 22 week scan (its some larney scan where they can tell if your feet are webbed and if you spin is on the outside, hectic shit) so we had to go and it was also the scan that would tell us if you had a willy or a rosebud. on arriving we saw the doctors name on the door and the fear covered me like global warming….

so dr bhorat has this machine that looks like the control panel from the starship enterprise, its very cool. bhorat is the perfect name for this dude he is the funkiest most chilled doctor/gynea/person ever. when he asked your mom to unbutton her jeans i nearly slapped him.

what you cant see is the doc leather pointy shoes or the open shirt

now i know doctors are clever but this oke clear is cleverierererer than most, and has a wicked sense of humour. when i asked “is this the tube the food comes down for the baby” and pointed to a squiggle on the screen he said “no the baby isnt eating food or you would see the mcdonalds arch” the oke actually said that….then he squirted kyjelly all over my wife.

looks like morph hey

when bhorat said you were a girl i got all teary and emotional, thought i was too soft till i told your granma….she is still crying i think (you are scheduled to be born on her birthday, freaky hey).

we went straight to baby city and brought more eco nappies for you, your mom got you some things for your room (turns out the big inflatable penguin i found wont fit into the colour scheme).

we love you madly girl….





4 Comments on “its a GIRL folks”

  1. mel says:

    aaaawwww a little petal!!! how awesome! congrats guys, girls FTW!!! LOTS AND LOTS of love xxx

  2. Barbara Nash says:

    You have me in tears too!!! Congrats. May she bring you as much love, laughter and joy – as Hannah has bought to our family. Lots of love to the 3 of you. Miss you madly!

  3. Ewok says:

    So, you covering most of the costs at the wedding then? Excellent. Please don’t put us at the table with the Almond Milk. Why are you naming her poo? Please consult Jeanie on that one. Mostly though HOW FREAKIN AWESOME YOU TWO AWESOMEST MOST AWESOME PARENTS-TO-BE!!!

    This Lowok/Jsquared you have a wedding we have a wedding you have a kid we have a kid yours can be a boy okay ours will be a girl and now even our dogs color match is getting too freaky for words. I promise never to mountain bike if you promise never to rap. Our kids will be way to confused.

    Oh my hat, life is very exciting with people like you in the world…and here comes another one…

    We freakin’ LOVE you guys…see you later for a decaf and a rooibos…

  4. well done juddy / please thank my sistah-bliss for giving me a niece . . . i’m gonna be an A U N T Y > woohoo !
    miss you guys now especially