cafe customers caught on camera clubbing seals.

jaggy poo,

son/daughter….not sure what the hell durban is doing, i feel that doing nothing is the same as clubbing a seal.

how proud this guys kids must be of him, hey Jag

there is this one guy lets call him “big craig” and he has teamed up with this chick, lets call her “surfer jenny”. so “surfer jenny” has a nursery, and she will be supplying “big craig” with shit loads of baby trees (yes indegenious, spelling i know) which will be kept here at the cafe of love. how can i help you may ask…..

option A, you buy a tree at cost (no i wont add a couple rand on, its me juddy poo) and plant it in your garden and call it juddy poo, take a photo send it to me and then i give you a free coffee.

option B, you buy a tree at cost, and “big craig”, with the help of some other eco warriors plant them in and around durban, we still call them juddy poo, and i still give you a free coffee.

option C, we dont have option C, i was just saying that to full up the body of this post, you will not get a free anything from option C, please scroll back up to options A & B

the tree you buy will NOT look like this at all

ahh, son/daughter, i hope¬†durbanites do something for this cop17 thing….anything, i hope they make a something selfless, do something where only the enviroment profits. imagine the impact 3000 folks can make if they dont want anything in return (shit i sound like martin luther king, juddy poo has a dream)




7 Comments on “cafe customers caught on camera clubbing seals.”

  1. Bern says:

    Ok, I wanna tree but i need the smallest one u got cos i”m gonna “smuggle” it across the border….hahahahahaha (evil laugh). Gonna send my corrupt partner in crime to come n collect it.. convince him to buy a few for himself…(can i ncollect my free coffee in Dec? lol)
    Now wat do they cost and wen can we collect?????????????
    Have a crackalackin day!!!!

  2. Curtis says:

    anyone mind if i plant my trees in durban north – and please please please can we get a decent coffee shop…lts just not fair

  3. Okay so how about a little gift certificate thingy – and we can buy for family members as xmas presents. Lot more constructive than socks and other crap.

  4. michele says:

    how much is a tree?

  5. villy vill check says:

    What is option D?

  6. okay so im (big Craig) and for those of you that know me (IM ONE SCARY BIG OKIE POKIE) but i have a big heart I promise. Me and the accountant man and a few others are gonna take time out of our day to go plant these trees, and i really dont like work so buy lots of them. One more thing if you have some old poles or mesh lying around to protect these poor baby trees drop it of at the corner cafe when you buy your tree please.

    Me doing my bit for durbs please do yours.

  7. elefuntboy says:

    I was really hoping for an option C, but this sounds awesome.