my life cant get any better

  • dear Jaggy poo,

son/daughter this world you are coming into is #(*^&%#$^%&  fantastic, i loved last week and this week is looking even better.

ill keep all this guys movies for when you are older...funny bugger.

oh let me count the ways…..

  • the springboks beat fiji, and its not like they didnt try hard, fiji threw everything at our boys and didnt even get a try…tee hee
  • your moms boobs went from claire danes in to a scarlet johansen over night
  • ive been selected as head judge (ok not really head judge) for interpret durban this friday, so no tapas. everyones going….it sounds huge this year. your pops dont know a thing about art, ive them all fooled.
  • spent sunday morning sleeping under an umbrella on addington beach like a beached whale with a smile from ear to ear
  • my little brother, your uncle, leaves today for indo/bali/some hot surf spot…and he gets to leave all his shit behind, just taking boards and a babe, lucky bugger.
  • im getting excited that you are coming, had another scan yesterday (the gynea is so hot) you`ve grown from 3,2cm to 7,1cm and your heart rate is slowing (turns out that this is a good thing) from 164bpm to 153pbm the gynea(hot) measured your neck and spine and you dont have downs, so far you are a healthy little tiger in wife.  oh, and you are being born on the 23d of march or so het royal hotnes says
  • the new shop “lovecoffee” will be open in october for sure, its looking so hot. maybe when you are older you can have a little cafe of your own or we can work together, im a very good waiter…you`ll see.
  • we made soup at the cafe today…huge mark up. and it sold out.
  • the box kit that we are going to put your blood and tissue cells in for freezing when you are born just arrived…its so cool even though i havent opened the box yet…very scared (see below) we cant clone you but we can grow you a new leg if you want, we can talk about later.

in the event of an emergency, break open box to save my kid


love you little one

juddy-daddy-sunbather-pro judge-stem cell harvester-all-around-springbok-supporter-unless-they-lose-to-the-namibians-poo


One Comment on “my life cant get any better”

  1. michele says:

    so awesome judd. jag is due 3 days before your goddaughters birthday!!xxx