my first dear john letter…

dear john,

i know your tired bru, i know you`ve done more in your life than most, but please just win us one more world cup, i read your book bru (i dont like luke either by the way) inspiring stuff. you are my hero, you wont remember but we met once at gateway shopping centre. you were at vida and i walked past and saw you and my wife said if i didnt go say hello i would regret it forever. i was so nervous but managed to shake your hand and say “good luck for the tri nations” you said thannx and kindve shrugged me off, its ok, i know you must get it alot.

i salute you bokke


please dont let me bring my child into a world where south africa hasnt won two world cups back to back, please john.


p.s. john i dont think you are fat.


2 Comments on “my first dear john letter…”

  1. ewok says:

    I salute YOU Judd Cambell. Goddamit, i’m just gonna HAVE to come and steal some coffee from you now. I mean really, how difficult is it REALLY to just open the door, turn left, stroll on up, stroll on in, sip on something mighty fine from the RADDEST MOST AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL AND REAL COFFEE SHOP IN THE FREAKIN’ COUNTRY!!!

    I flippin’ dig you okes. It’s gonna be oh so sweet when the Boks get back with that little piece of glory…

  2. villy vill check says:

    Is that a double chin?