welsh rabbit topped with springbok carpaccio

dear 30 people max,

ok so my wife wont allow me to have 30 mates round to watch the rugby so i tried to book a huge table at Unity Bar but they arent open on the sabbeth…..so the clever little me has come up with an award winning plan that will see 30 of us watch the opening game of the Rugby World Cup here at the cafe of rugby love.

please note how the springbok carppacio is on top of the welsh

the welsh look all hot and bothered hey

ok so, this is how it works, you get here at 9:30 we all have a great bunny breakfast, drink coffee like possesed mad men, then game starts at 10:30am at which time no coffee will be served until half time. the bill includes everything food, juice, coffee and a game we just have to win dammit. ive already got 10 bookings so only 20 more, and no kids (even though im having one).

normaly we would allow anyone in here but if you like wales, married a welsh person or ever been to wales you cant come (passports on arrival please). book now, i cant take 32 people as im running a skelaton crew (staff need to sleep to) 031 2010219.




5 Comments on “welsh rabbit topped with springbok carpaccio”

  1. villy vill check says:

    Belma of course you are invited!! We will need someone to entertain us at half time!

  2. Belma says:

    Hey Judd, so i guess this is a GUYS ONLY thingi-ma-bob!

  3. judd says:

    dave i lost your bbm pin and cell number, cell phone in the shop getting fixed should be ready by 12pm…shout if you want in on sunday rugby

  4. juddypoo says:

    check nw post….sorry bru

  5. villy vill check says:

    When is the game and who is playing?