ola pedro

dear tapa`s munchers,

new rules at the cafe folks, actually its our first rule in four years and 3 weeks…..you must book for tapas evenings, its getting silly here on a friday, between the wife chunddering, the new cafe opening and people being turned away on a friday its just all a bit too stress full for juddy poo.

ole snacky poo

tapas start at 5pm and end at 8pm on fridays only chinas, i know i swore never to take bookings but some of you drive from hillcrest and i turn you away…it gives me no pleasure, well there is this one couple who are very moody and dont say a word to eachother and i must admit i turn them away even if we have space, they kill the vibe in her with their big negative selves, she even worse than him….she will send back everything “the wine is too cold” or “i cant eat fish, olives or bread. do you have anything else” its a frikin tapas evening. some people are only happy when they are not.

so im going onto Excel now (its a programe on my laptop, that allows you to make lines etc on a sheet of paper, very high tech) to make a bookings list….please spread the word id hate to turn anyone away again.

yours in spanishy stuff



4 Comments on “ola pedro”

  1. dave says:

    Stumbled upon this site on my cell. Found it interesting. What city is the cafe located.

  2. villy vill check says:

    Eish… I should have never waited for you during the Mfula…

  3. juddy poo says:

    You even need a booking to use the bathroom. Sorry but rules are rules

  4. villy vill check says:

    That is kaka poopoo… does it only apply to tap-ass eaters or everyone?

    What if I only want a coffee?

    What if I only want a takeaway coffee?

    What if I want a muffin?

    What if I want a coke?

    Can I come in and chat to random people or do I need to book?