are you a kiff durban artist

dear durban artists,

if you are keen to sign up with “interpret durban” you better hurry, every kid in a 100mile radius from graffitti artists to gum boot dancers are signing up, dont pitch on the 23rd of september and say “damit i can do the la bamba better than that freak” or “these are nice photos of sunflowers, NOT”

did you know durbans city hall is identical to the belfast city hall...i did the street scene tour

theyve asked me to be a judge, so please feel free to pribe the heel out of me, i have no morals and will happily swing the other judges opinions for a price (ive got a kid coming).

yours in artistic stuff




One Comment on “are you a kiff durban artist”

  1. Mark says:

    Juddy poo, that’s not quite correct. Durban city hall is *almost* the same, but it’s not an exact replica. You can even see the difference in the pictures:

    The dome is quite similar but the rest varies quite a lot. 🙂

    p.s. My great-great grandfather built that bad-boy.