jag bokkie campbell

dear Jaggy poo,

you will be four when the next rugby world cup comes around, and ill be nearly 40, and lambie should be captain.

oh its on chinas

ahh, jag youre gona love rugby bru. i never understood it when i was at school, it just seemed so bloody pointless 30 men all chasing one ball instead of all getting their own, and the idea that another man would tackle you right off your feet…why.

i only ever played one game, i rememeber it like it was yesterday. it was escort rugby day, they had four teams and we only had two and a half (i went to weston agricultural college) the coaching staff had to dig deep to find enough to make up a third team….but my God did they scrape the barrel to make up the fourth, im talking about taking kids out of sick bay or guys who`s parents actually forbid them to play, hell they even took this one guy(i wont say his name) but who, when we were all experimenting with ciggies, was talking acid and just vanishing for like 12 hours on this farm that our school was on in mooi river, freaky bugger. when they came for me i just said no, i told them i didnt have rugby kit (which they magically revealed) and the old “ive got cronic asthma’ trick didnt work, hell i had two left boats until the wing from the 3rd team finished playing. we ran on singing the smurf song and all got cained 4 after the game, never have a team been so out played before, the only time i touched the ball i took it straight to the ref who shouted at me to run forward, at the final whistle the “acid” guy asked for 5min to turn the game around it was 47-0. i remember not being able to bend over behind the school bus to get cained cause my borrowed rugby jersey was like a rash vest on me.

but that shits all behind me now Jag, im a believer, ive got a rugby jersey of my own. sure it pisses your mother off, she honestly dislikes the sport and im not allowed friends around to watch anymore…but now that you are coming maybe she will let me watch with you on the couch, its also fair to mention that your mom played girls rugby at school….i know rough chick hey.

cause all the games are in the morning, ill be showing them at the cafe so i dont miss any games…..oh its on now.



One Comment on “jag bokkie campbell”

  1. Kim says:

    I knew there was a ‘reason’ I couldn’t afford to rent dstv for the month of the RWC …there was a bigger, better plan in the pipeline.

    Juddy-poo, you and “the wife” are my heroes. I’ll be serving up Peanut butter sarmies to the hubcap for supper and upping my spending in support of your RWC viewings and of “The Boys” too of course.



    PS. Judd, you failed to mention that your wife probably had to teach you the rugby laws…