i punched a dinosaur and i liked it

dear Boychild (i think you are a boy, we find out at our first scan today) (im shitting myself son) (its a deep fear),

you owe me big bru, i went to the “baby show” yesterday, your mother only tagged along cause no one else would come with me, funny hey when you ask your mates to come to the sexpo and you need a mini van, but the thought of spending an hour with a purple overweight dinosaur and they run for the trees.

as we walked around i saw many other couples around our age group, scared shitless, as we passed these couples we gave the “oh my god we got our chicks pregnant and now are at the bloody baby show” look. this baby thing like christmas, easter etc is such big buissness its an industry, we saw a pram that cost R10k, nappies that cost R1k for 3, and a range of breast pumps that looked very s&m. there was a kids cot that was remote, so if your kid starts crying in the next room you just point the remote and the cot starts vibrating and the music starts.

i loved all the big mascots walking around….

hows this cuddly bugger

one thing we did sign up for was the stem cell research (partially cause the chick behind the counter was hot) basically they harvest the blood and tissue from the umbilical cord(can only do it as the kids born) and we can grow a new baby, not really but they can cure over 300 blood diseases now and by 2020 who knows. so Jag ive already given you your inheratance, dont expect anymore cash payouts in my will you are sorted champ.

this bugger kept ignoring me

must go bru, off to see you in a scan hope ur a boy, today is the 29th of august 2011 and this will be the first time i see you and hear your heart beat….holy shit kid.




4 Comments on “i punched a dinosaur and i liked it”

  1. Sonja says:

    Um Juddy-Poo…you will only be able to tell if its a ‘he’ at about 25 weeks – sorry!

    • judd says:

      no its 12 weeks at the earliest if the kids laying right otherwise they can tell at 16 with no problems…i thought we were at 12 weeks already…but we are only 10 weeks.

  2. Barbara Nash says:

    Ah man – good luck. Let us know how you get on

  3. Kim says:

    Can’t wait to hear the news!
    (The blue fuzzbucket looks too busy playing with kids -stupid bear, who’s the baby expo aimed at anyway? Parents. That’s who.)