ive reached the height of my career today.

dear Jag my son/daughter,

Jag, this may not mean a lot to you but my hero came into the cafe today Kumi Naidoo, he is head of Greenpeace.

i acted like would if met kate moss, i was so nervious. i stammered and stuttered. he mustve thought i as a complete dick. ive served a few famous folks in my time in the uk, i even served angelina jolie once in the rib room and oyster bar on sloane street (she will be about 60 when you hit 15, i hope you are a boy cause there are so many hot chicks) i could see her mouth from the other side of the room, i topped up her water and served her bread (i was a junior waiter at the time) but i wasnt as nervous as i was when the saviour of the planet….kumi naidoo arrived at my humble cafe of love.

im getting a shirt like his

i made a complete fool of myself, i was telling him how green i was by having a worm farm and he has like stopped people drilling for oil in greenland.  jag, i thought i was pretty cool and a bit of an eco warrior but standing next to this guy i realised just how little we are doing, its time to step things up bru. he was very humble and chilled, i thought he would be this agressive guy who slapped people who littered but he aint heavy hes my new friend

i asked your mom if i can name you Kumi, but she said no. i think Kumi Coffee Campbell is a fantastic name, women hey.

when he gave me his buisness card i nearly started crying, ill keep it framed for you….i dont mind if you fail matric, do drugs or become a dstv addict like your dad, as long as you work for Greenpeace kid.



One Comment on “ive reached the height of my career today.”

  1. Raymondo says:

    It must be said that I would still probably rather serve Ms Jolie on a bad hair day than the rescuer of many a blubbery marine mammal with tree grazes on his forearms, as impressive (and important) as that may be. Peace, green boy.