ok, im ready to deal with this little situation we find ourselves in…

from now on ill write to my un born child(please god dont let it be twins) and not to you guys anymore….see how its changed me already.

Dear Jag (its the possible name we are looking at boy or girl)

you better be the next head of green peace or cure global warming, this was not in our little selfish plan that your mom and i had for our lives, we are both very scared and just can cancelled our capetown trip at the end of the year. having said that, we just got back from your new gran ma`s house down the south coast with a clearer view on this whole “oh shit we are having a baby” situation, we are still scared and very ill prepared, but have come to terms with the whole concept that you are coming, and we will be ready buddy. i quess we should be lucky you arent arriving during the rugby world cup.

thats ur mom jag, 3 days after finding out you are coming


our hosts this weekend really chilled us out, it was so hard to leave…..you will meet the walkers (so called cause they walk for hours) one day Jag, but they dont like naughty kids, just like mom, dad and santa.

your mom now sleeps like a vampire, and pee`s like seabiscuit. i put her folic acid and multi pregnancy tablets along with her special vitamin shake next to the bed in the morning so you are healthy (she may be carring you in the tummy, but im still helping a bit).

we both will be happy if you are a boy or girl, but i want you to be a boy so we can watch rugby together and check out chicks on the beach etc and im going to teach you all about dstv, you wont have to go through what i went through which was only sabc and then only later on did we get mnet….oh no china you wont miss a thing, you will have the tv life that i could only dream of.

we will start looking at a bigger car, second hand offcourse (oh there is this whole green thing you have get used to, basically the planet its poo and its all up to you to help it) the house has to be finished and we have to buy you all kinds of stuff, you will be the greenest baby ever. ill teach you to hate plastic, and love the earth.





6 Comments on “ok, im ready to deal with this little situation we find ourselves in…”

  1. michele says:

    bought tears to my eyes. so excited to meet you little Jag.xxx

  2. villy vill check says:

    dude i fell At holla yesterday and am out of riding for ages… guess that makes two of us!

  3. ewok says:

    The future never looked so bright buddy!

  4. Anne says:

    Beautifully put Judd. Lotsa luv from Jag’s Gran.

  5. judd says:

    thanx margaret…

  6. margaret wasserfall says:

    Hey you two. Congrats. This is very cool news.