i knocked my wife up

dear planet earth,

can you believe what ive gone and done now….

the two lines mean no more sundays for 18 years


ill need the weekend to think about this. i wasnt even this scared when i heard de klerk was unbanning the anc.

im in deep trouble this time folks




12 Comments on “i knocked my wife up”

  1. Barney "Retired man, working parent" Buchan says:

    There’s basically only one real option: I know a little place in the Outer Hebrides that no one else does. You can go there and hide. It has the potential to beat Osama Bin Ladens 10 year Hide and Seek world record.

    You could of course stay and enjoy the process, happy in the knowledge you didn’t sprout twins or a Badcock.

    Either way, your a father. I see your dilema.

    • Barney "Retired man, working parent" Buchan says:

      On the topic of Hide and Seek, I just want to be clear. Osama is the definite winner on record (beating the Scarlet Pimpanel and that hermit in Life of Brian who coincidentally were sharing first place) because he was “Sought” or caught. Father Christmas, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are all out as they couldn’t really hide in the first place. However, should the little bugger turn himself in, Big Foot will go straight to number one and I cant say the spot in the Outer Hebrides will trump that one.

  2. michele says:

    it was a coooold winter hey Juddy?

  3. michele says:

    baby should be due around Emmas birthday 😀

  4. mel says:

    whooohoooooo!!! someone ELSE that has no sundays! hehe! congrats guys! awesome news!

  5. Ulrich says:

    Congratualtions monsieur Judd! Your kid will be only be a few months younger than ours. I hear they sleep a lot for the frst few years anyway, so not to worry.

  6. Tanya says:

    WOOHOOO!!!! Can’t bloody wait to see you changing a pooey-nappie, Juddy Poo!

  7. Barbara Nash says:

    Congratulations!!! THis is amazing news. Im thrilled to bits for the both of you! Thank you for sharing.

    Its definately going to put a different spin to December :)!!!!

    Miss you guys!

  8. yay congrats! so happy for you two!

  9. Shane Course says:

    Congrats, its all good buddy. Never mind the Sundays, very little sleep, home work and and and, but I wouldnt change it for the world !!!!!

  10. charisse says:

    We are so happy for you both! CONGRATS! Love you long times chinas – MR ROBOTO and MADAM WONG!

  11. Raymondo says:

    awesome news, bud!