the Great ride on friday….

do you really want london to have more riders than us? surely not folks

ok folks, the last friday of every month is “Critical Mass” its a bicycle ride that happens in over 300 cities throughout the world and Durban is in. its bit of “damit we should all be riding bikes and not driving everywhere” protest and a bit of “ahh bikes are kiff and we should all ride more often”.

they dont even speak english in rome yet they have more cyclists than durbs...come on folks

so as you know we love the planet here at the cafe so we will not only cancel our tapas evening this friday (huge financial loss, may have to let staff go) but we will also be closing early at 4pm to allow for all our staff to get down the (Moses Mabhida Stadium at 5.00pm dont be late the planet is struggling as it is).

san fransisco......i dont know what to say about them

if i see any of my customers on the ride ill give you a code/password and that entitles you to free coffee at the cafe of love (no only one).  apart from saving the planet it`ll be great fun, it aint the 3rd to last day of the tour de france its just from the staduim to moyo pier round the canels and stuff and back should all be over by 7pm(unless you are on a unicycle). check out the face book group “critical mass – durban” if you need more info ekse china.

without being all arrogant i will have the best bike on the day, im sure you will agree once i unleash Alfred onto the promenade he is stallion of a machine designed to bunny hop pavements, make girls impressed & fly like the wind on speed.

see you friday folks, lets ride





4 Comments on “the Great ride on friday….”

  1. lauren says:

    LOLS! Go Judd!

  2. Craig Stuart says:

    Okay so thanks Juddy-poo were there like fred bear. But to correct you we all know i have the most radest coolest bike in durbs, and you never as a male name your bike after a dude dude cause you ride that thing so hard man.

  3. villy vill check says:

    Can I come on my 29er?

  4. charisse says:

    we want free coffee we want free coffee… we don’t have bicycles and Boss Man needs to feed oodles of noodles to the locals