happy birthday morgan freeman.

dear morgan poo,

i dont have any silly remark to make about this pic

thanx to you buddy we have a free country, i must be honest morgan i did shit myself when you got out of jail, i honestly thought us whites were going to be slapped around for what we did (i say we but it was really the other guys) but not you bru, you just calmed everyone down,  so i just want to say a big happy birthday from all of us here at the corner cafe and to let you know we are doing a differant version of samp and beans everyday this week (heard it was your favourite so you better pop in china)

your cell and our kitchen are the same size....makes you think hey

youre my hero morgan for going 27 years without dstv, i dont even wish that on malema. did you get lots of presents this year? i hope so bru…you really deserve to be spoilt and pampered after all you`ve done for this country, you`ve achieved so much in your life that you make us look silly. the way you phoned matt damon and helped us win the world cup (we might need your help again this year with that, dan carter is looking deadly) was my proudest moment.

m&m morgan and mat


so coffee is on me today bru, come in and reflect on your long walk…hell ill even throw in free bowl of samp & beans with a seared fillet smoothered in red wine reduction gravy thing….its going to be awesome, not sure what we are doing tomorow but ill let you know samp & prawns perhaps….drum roll.

juddy-is-expecting-morgan-freeman-for-lunch, matt-cant-make-it-cause-he-is-filming-bourne again 3-in-mexico-poo