today special is going to help me retire faster

dear Ulrich,

ulrich is the guy who always phones/emails/sms/bbms & faxes to find out what our specials are, so this post Ulrichy poo is for you.

the special today is a “lime an honey samp risotto, served with fresh basil and chili” its very cheap for me to make and normally id mark it up huge but the fact that this is being cooked as i write this to you on a solar cooking device in front of the cafe of love im going to sell it for like R30 a bowl….now i know what you are thinking “that juddy poo sure is a generous little bugger” and this time you are right. where can you go for a healthy meal at this price? the answer is the cafe of love on the corner well priced and healthy street.

not served in this bowl, item may vary due to how the chef feels today

and before anyone gets all excited and starts saying “ahh its fattening and unhealthy” ill include the nutrional chart that was drawn up by the world health organisation (try getting them on the phone to call them liers) just for you Ulrich. and if you have aids it also helps with its slow release of minerals blah blah blah.

and yes before you ask i can add my wifes secret “marinatde biltong” all over it for a nominal fee. its all the nutritional stuf about samp and beans.

so Ulrich i hope this meets with your tastebuds….ill be until 5pm today and yes ill keep some for your veggie(not meant in a horrible way) wife for tomorow nights tapas evening of love and joy.




4 Comments on “today special is going to help me retire faster”

  1. Kim says:

    Any leftovers?

  2. Stacey says:

    Looks pretty dam good!glad to see anthony producing some good african food! I’ll be following the blog…as my job sometimes gets boring!

  3. villy vill check says:

    Looks like Special K with some added nuts…. keeps us regular!

  4. Ulrich says:

    Finally a timely warning of a special of the day. Success!