saturday was the best night of my life

dear people who didnt get to madame zangara,

sorry if you missed this party folks, because last sat night was off the hook. i was very interested in seeing how they can feed 500 people in a tent, during a show with supposedly “great food”….i knew it was possible but id never seen it. in the u.k. we could serve like 700 people a seven course with two sorbets, but thats the u.k. with huge kitchens and convection ovens that can cook 30kgs of crayfish in 3mins and a team of 25 plus….

anywho they did it and then some, the food was excellent (and ive heard people say they didnt enjoy the food, maybe my table was the exception but all 8 of us were stoked) but it wasnt just the food, the staff all had smiles, they danced and they had fun the service was fast…blown away.

hows this cool heart...i want one for the cafe...oh ill get it

the show itself is very cool lots of chicks in tight leotards hanging from ropes or cages etc and the outfits were very tight and skimpy….it was awesome to see them in their tight costumes, the three little thai/korean/asian girls had the best tight outfits ive ever seen and they could fold like little asian pretzels,they couldve been little blue avatar smurfs, they wouldnt let us take photos (which almost had me in tears) so the few we did get doesnt do the show justice.

another heart....bloody copy cats

as you all know i have a dstv problem so it takes alot to impress me, i think the telly has desencaitised ( ahh shit i cant even begin to spell that word) me a bit so for anything non-telly doesnt blow my hair back normally ie theatre.

oh it got ugly folks....the one in the middle was the ring leader, very naughty

whilst we ate they would send out 4 large black women to keep us entertained but they stole the show for sure, there was so much suggestive flirting with my dad who last drank during appartied that it was no supprise that they called up on stage for a dance….500 people watched as my dad slapped these large black women on the butt and danced like a young micheal flatley…an image that ill never forget.

he is the guy on the left...i mean really have you ever seen anything like this from your dad

when the show ended it was like we had just won the world cup again and everyone jumped up to dance…i danced (really badly) for the first time in a decade. infact the only people who werent happy was a couple next to us….they mustve fought in the car on the way in, they both needed an extasy tablet and a good slap. but otherwise a perfect evening with a sunday morning headache that i felt i had earned well, i watched season one and two of “dirty sexy money” on my laptop and only spoke to my wife (who slept the whole day on the sofa) this morning.



3 Comments on “saturday was the best night of my life”

  1. Paddy says:

    You go Sandy you Legend you !!!

  2. juddypoo says:

    nah he had a bottleof wine, 4 caramel vodkas and pulled into a doctor lady….so much i cant say on the blog about last night

  3. whoa-hoo > check at the ol’ poppa bear go. did you feed him Rum again juddy … you know we mustn’t > remember what used to happen in the “olden days !” . . . . ke ke ke