our pizza special has just won a string of international awards…

…including “best pizza base award” for the fourth year running and the “wow thats a clever idea for a pizza topping” award which is usually won by the spanish every year so it was nice to snatch that away from their little pealla eating hands, and finally we won the “and they aint even a pizzaria award” which goes out annually to cafe/outlet/takeaway that truely shines in the area they know nothing about.

rumour has it our chef invented pizza

our pizza, which we are calling “moo cow & mushroom master” has roast beef, with grilled black mushroom, sauteed cremed spinach and halluomi cheese, will be ready from 12pm sharp and you can even get them tonight if you pitch for our friday tapas jol here, but i dont see to many left behind…i can take on three of these buggers myself.

so if you have lunch plans already, change them. and yes we can do a veg option with artichokes & funny stuff.



One Comment on “our pizza special has just won a string of international awards…”

  1. kill for one of those right now .. looks simply aaawwwwwesome !