what have you done this July…

dear earthlings,

no its not a dstv dish, its my solar cooker...chicks dig it


july has been awesome in every way, oh let me count the ways….taking into consideration we are only on the 7th of the month, we have pumped here at the little “cafe of love” thankfully weve just finished up training our new staff. what have you done this July, cause ive….

  • found a new place to watch rugby/tour de france etc id love to tell you the name but id like it to be my little secret right now. my lawyer and i have been 5 times and they`ve only been open a week or two, the food is fantastic, the glasses are very clean and they have this waitress (lets just call her kim single) who is on the ball…cause my lawyer can be a real hand full of fun after two Pina Coladas. im sure the rest of the menu is good but weve ordered the same thing everytime, ive started sneaking out of work early and watching the last 30km of each day in the tour de france over a castle lite…i love my live and my new hang out.
  • stayed off my bike for so long that ive started to get feeling back in my butt cheeks, for the first time since that ridiculously long ride it feels like i havent spent a night in westville prison.
  • started using the “solar cooker thing” (see pic damit) the new frenchy poo chef has been making a “beef bouruignon” its french for ‘hey guys lets put 5kgs of beef into 7litres red wine and toss in some bacon and mushrooms and see what the hell happens” folks he cooked this thing from 8am until 12pm in the sun without using a stitch of electicity or gas….whos your eco daddy hey, its one thing to save the planet but its another to do it in style, we have sold out two days in a row.
  • found a mate who has taken the shop over the road to open his “pan asian” cafe, he opens next week some time. weve decided that every morning we will walk to the middle of the road, shake hands, look into each others eyes and say “may the best cafe win”, oh and is opening hours are only on a sunday….ok he is open others times to. he said there will be a wheat free 100% veg option for me cause i have a weight problem.
  • got the go-ahead and the cash from standard bank (i just found them simpler, better, faster) to open our second store…oh yes folks, its a green light, its going to be called “cant tell you now, you will have to wait until the grand opening” and its going to be mainly take away driven and we will have one or two lunch or breaky options. so justin (the curly haired one) and i are going in 50/50 he wanted 51/49 but i said no way jose, there is lot more i could say but just remember how exciting Jurasic park was when you didnt know it was going to be about dinosaurs until you went into the cinema, ive just wet myself from excitement
  • just learnt that my wifes pregnant……no im joking sorry Anne Dinkelman (mother inlaw) standard bank only gave me so much and we just couldnt afford it….ever.
  • got tickets for Madame Zingara and a kick arse tweed blazer and a fluffy red cravat to wear on the night, taking the old man along…it be his first time in shoes since my wedding (and itll be slops) so excited, dying to see how they can push out 500 meals in 1hour, ill sneak my video camera into the kitchen if it kills me.



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  2. charisse says:

    Noodle Power! Thanks China

  3. Amanda says:

    that post made me want to say: whoop-dee whoop! love your blog, love your cafe!