tapas night was a huge flop…..

….far too many people piched, i thought it was going to be like a few regulars and a couple cold castle lites for me…..but oh no, its was grid lock in here. i never got to sit down or even steal an olive off someones plate, customers everwhere pushing and pulling me “judd i need more of this award winning wine that you sell at a very reasonable price, you saint of platters juddy poo” or the one customer even had the nerve to ask for more chilli feta “juddy poo id like a tub of this feta to rub all over my wife later”

everyone really liked it and no-one complained about the price so we will naturally charge more this friday. this friday can you only come if your surname doesnt start in a vowel or if your first name isnt Paddy or Lisa, we had two customers that ended up drunk on the couch swearing at each other in an irish accent (we called last round without a second thought).


id like to add that the above photo is not our platters as i forgot to take photos on friday, but it looks something like this, i found this on the google machine, our tables are better and whiter.

thanx to everyone who came and spent so much money here.

juddy-will-be-laying-on-a-platter-wearing-only-a-piece-of-parmaham(a large peice i might add)-and-a-fig-wedged-in-my-mouth-poo


2 Comments on “tapas night was a huge flop…..”

  1. nicola rockwood-turner says:

    Hi please keep me posted with all that hapening as i dont have a life and would like to change that! And start getting out and having fun!

  2. michele says:

    im DEFINITELY coming this fri!!