new chef at the cafe is younger than patrick lambie

dear durban,

we got a new chef here folks, and although its too soon to tell he looks like he can cook like Marco Pierre White or at the very least Nigela (tee hee).

the french are strange

his names Anthony….something french, he is 21 and has spent the last 4 years training at the “Lycee Professionnel Paul Augier” now i dont know what that means so googled it and it isnt a school that teaches you how to pick lyches, its in fact some shit hot french cooking school in Nice (as in the city not as in kiff) . he came over to our fine shores a few months ago and has checked out some sub standard little cafes/bistros and had a few offers but i snatched him up before anyone else by offering him R2,27 more than his best over and whala we got a little french dude in the kitchen, and he is a passionate bugger too. him and my wife seem to both be on the same page…we said the kitchen is his he can move things around, re-write the menu, fire staff, talk with a  funny accent but he must keep the food “green” and eco friendly and seasonal etc.

the okes so excited you can see by the pic, his own kitchen at 21, and his chicks quite hot too folks. he did some special yesterday that i cant pronounce and it sold out and he is doing some pork, apple and sage burger thing for lunch today ahhh im so excited i could wee.

so, cause its going to be like passing a kidney stone every month to pay this frenchmen, we have decided to open on friday nights again for tapas and wine….oh yes folks its on again, wine as far as the eye can see and olives, cured meats, decadent cheeses and fresh baguettes. its that whole “dont get stuck in 5`0`clock traffic come to the cafe and start the weekend off all chilled and listen to d.j. playing mellow mellow tunes that have you saying damit im happy to be alive, i love the planet, i love the cafe and i love judds new frenchmen”

so if you aint to busy tarting yourself up for the July on sat (im going all out this year) then pop in for an early plate of Tapas.



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  1. iansoutar says:

    Anthony Soutar was born in Cannes, France home of the Cannes film festival and despite this he is also a Brit. He has wanted to be a chef since an early age and I hope you all enjoy his food. I do but then I’m his Dad!