fat boy slim team wins the last Dusi Mfula

bring sexy back to cycling


dear cyclists and non-cyclists unlike,

we finished, only just mind you…it was our first stage race and we thought it was 60km day one and 40km day two. folks day one was 69km on my gps thingy and 44km day two. it felt like a team of dwarfs have been knawing at my legs and lower back with sharpened teeth for the whole weekend. we are broken men who honestly take 3min to sit down and almost 4min to stand up. the cramp and fatigue set in in the first 20km of day one and it felt like i was bleeding heavily in my little cycing shoes, but its over and we are now part of an elite few who have managed to ride off road for 116km from pmb to inanada dam and then round the bloody dam(its a big dam folks) some of the downhill was harder than the up hills.

i think the hard thing was the concentrating, ive never had to concentrate for such a long period of time before, if you look at your watch or wipe the sweat (which flowed like the ganges river out my head) you would hit a tree or shoot of a ledge or ride off the path and go over hand fulls of thorns….thorn everywhere folks it was like where they filmed jock of the bushveld.

the picture above was just before we started on sat and if i could go back to that moment knowing what i know now im not sure i would do it again, it was a mental struggle that will be hard to forget, but its doe and ill take this weekend off to hit the July and get a bit boozed up and hit on chicks then ill start training again.

i love you all lots


p.s. we got a big surprise for you this friday…but ill tell you more tomorow…shhhhh