your valley needs you…

dear everyone who doesnt live in the inanda valley,

ok picture it, there is this mountain bike race from Petermaritzberg to Durban that follows the Dusi canoe marathon, i Judd Campbell, and my cyle partner Richard Bolton (no relation to Micheal, i checked) have entered this babtismn of fire race which we are hoping to win. its called the unlimited Dusi Mfula check it out.

oooi i like the red one

but thats not the exciting part, we are doing the race with mini Jo Jo tanks strapped to our backs i hear you saying “judd, why not just try ride for the sake of riding, why do you always have to act cooler than the next person” well i ll bloody tell you why….

“ A portion of the pollution generated as a by-product of the goods and services we all consume, in some way, ends up in our water sources. Coupled to that, the degeneration of municipal services, in particular sewage farms, has led to poor communities in the uMngeni Valley not having access to potable water; water-derived diseases are commonplace. WESSA, therefore, fully supports any initiative that works to provide rain-harvesting opportunities for these marginalised members of our society.” Jenny Duvenage –

boom folks thats why, thousands of people in the valley dont have access to clean drinking water, so heres my plan….you guys reading this will sposnsor me, juddy poo, R21,55 per km and at 116km that works out to R2500, but wait thats not it, the guys at Jo Jo have hearts bigger than the 2500liter tank and have said they will match a tank for every tank we get sponsored…whos your daddy?

so stop working today, get your boss or collegues the chick you are having an affair with, who ever and join forces ie if 10 of you sponsor 2km each we are in the money (not sure what that works out to cause me not good at school stuff) if your company sponsors then sure you will get some exposure, but thats not why we are doing this folks, its like your t.v. liscense its the right thing to do. so get your moss out your wallets and help me. i never ask for money(except the thousand you spend here monthly)

and then in the weeks after the race, we (and you if you can, i cant lift these things on my own) will head into the valley with the folks from the with all the tanks purchased from the funds raised and set these tanks up in the creches in the valley, and presto weve done some good, who`s in?

if you are keen or need more email me please folks dont make me ride from pmb with a bloody tank on my back for nothing.

juddy-needs-help/money/clean water-poo


5 Comments on “your valley needs you…”

  1. MoodyEve says:

    We plan to use JoJo tanks when we build our studio and home over the next few months.

  2. villy vill check says:

    Talk to me after you have ridden the first 40 with that tank cutting into your back…

    Jason and I will ride with you but we wont be carrying any jojo nonsense…

    Big up, I guess that it is for a good cause but then again I refer you all back to my views on Sea Shepard (read floating turds) and saving those annoying whales…

    Good luck for the ride Juddy Poo.

  3. martin says:

    hmmm… I too want a mini jojo tank on my back, this new fashion craze is taking off!

  4. WOW – that’s Awesome, go team Judd !

  5. you”re a legend brother macguire . . . big up to you. loads of love from the caribbean.