a cafe never changes its spots

dear non hunters,

lets save the cats folks

lets be real for a minute, the cafe is merely a shell on friday night, as much as id love to tell the world that it was my idea to save all these leopards and that ever since i had my first leopard cub ive been drawn to these majestic creatures of the wilds…blah blah blah but it aint true, there are other people who also care about the earth and its animals.

check out the flyer above (you must check the website too, dont arrive here on friday in the dark, you dont want everyone to be talking about big cats and you havent a clue)

personally, i wouldnt have put the exhibition about giant cats this close to the cheetahs and lions rugby matches, but everyones differant.

we twisted the wifes arm to do a batch of her “french onion soup” its only legal in 3 provinces and this aint one of them, devine but we aint making truck loads so get here early if you want.

there isnt an entrance fee but it would be great to get the moss out your wallet and cough up some dosh for these animals that could kill you, imagine you donate like R1000 to this cause and you get mauled by a leopard whilst hiking inthe berg next month….maybe donate R2000 to be safe.

so if you care about wildlife (or guy buttery) ill see you on friday, if not ill never see you again.

oh, and ill be watching to see no-one puts out ciggies in my herb garden….please folks, dont turn me into a human poacher.