ive sown my royal oats

dear porridge eaters,

when has durban ever been this bloody cold….i was colder at 5am this morning than ive been since i lived in the u.k.

so relax, little ol juddy poo and his team of merry men have made a huge batch of piping hot oats. you can have it with cream and brown sugar or fresh guavas…..i love guavas.

bringing sexy back into the kitchen

and there is a rumour that we might be having mieleie meal on the morow, rememeber that thick hearty yellow bowl of love we used to have as kids with a giant spoon full of butter. we also used to get it at boarding school but those cooks used to even stuff up toast.

well slap my tits, hows this rainbow outside the cafe at the moment…..

the cafe at the end of the rainbow...its a sign folks, get in here for the oats

ahh, you should all just come here now and see this rainbow and get a cup of coffee while you are here, it just makes sense.



5 Comments on “ive sown my royal oats”

  1. Tessa Davel says:

    Om nom nom nom. Boiling my bosoms off in HK, but I’d still like some oats!

  2. Woody says:

    Thanks Judd
    The oats look really good.
    You should sell some welsh rarebit (remember that was the shite)

    Ahh i miss just getting back from 3am dairy to a hearty breakfast
    of oats or eggs and bacon, or last nights left overs(bubble and squeek)(i think)
    Im going to find a cow too milk, and then make oats

  3. Lisi says:

    Deliveries of both the oats and rainbow please.

  4. michele says:

    tooo beautiful! oh, and that rainbow is quite pretty too 😉

  5. Juddy-poo, we’re in Durban for a week in 3 weeks. Might just have to come and visit 😉