soup de jour or schalk burger

dear vegaterians and meat eaters,

great news we went ahead and hired that chef dude Alton, turns out he can cook dam well so now we got another staff member earning more than me.

so folks today we have two specials. the first is for the veggies, roasted buttenut soup with some form of bread or roll or something like that. i dont have a picture but felt that some of you may not have seen a butternut for awhile so this is what they look like.

nice firm pair

next up our little wonder chef has made you a Lamb burger on a toasted ciabatta with a roasted garlic mayo (homemade ill have you know damit) with sweet potatoe french fries we are calling it the Lance burger after my little brother, as he is going through a tough time….i had one yesterday and couldve rubbed that lamb patty all over myself…ahhh(too much…maybe. true….definately).

hows this bad boy folks

may your day be even better than mine, and your lunch be terrible if you dont have it at this little love cafe, a big friendly roar to you all.



2 Comments on “soup de jour or schalk burger”

  1. Amanda says:

    my mouth’s literally watering!

  2. nathan says:

    Oh i see… i leave and you up the game.