the corner cafe elections are being held today.

dear customers,

ok folks, your cafe need`s you to step and vote…yes or no for our new chef. the old days of you just pulling in here and drinking coffee and eating food is gone. your vote counts today.

let the games begin folks

his name is Alton (its latin for “gordan ramsey”) his c.v. looks like a phone book and he is certainly qualified for the job….but its like music at the cafe, it really doesnt matter if we like it, you guys have to like it. so weve asked him to come in today and do a try-out. the wife tuned him to make 2 specials and me to get the regulars in to vote. below is a poll and we ask that you be brutal….you aint helping if you aint honest.

his two specials are “lentil, brinjal & goats cheesemelanzane’ cant wait to find out what a “melanzane” is and a “dark chocolate beef fillet with blue cheese sauce on chive mash….yes it will be free range beef with no antibiotics or hormones.


4 Comments on “the corner cafe elections are being held today.”

  1. Kim says:

    A ‘yes’ just won’t do -can I get an amen! Never thought dark chocolate and blue cheese could conceive such a gorgeous taste-baby!
    Thumbs up for Alton,

  2. ant says:

    That’s an offer I won’t refuse!

  3. Kim says:

    Count Ant & I in for a late lunch -we’ll have to try 1 of each to give him a fair try.
    Bring it, Alton!

  4. Wayne says:

    Hire the guy!

    He’s got a Cape town feel! Ha ha ha and a cool name!!