Osarmie Bin Laden

dear people who are still alive,

its with a heavy heart that i announce the death of a great leader Oasama Bin Laden.

it took just 10 short years for the most advanced state of the art, most technologically savy super power to track down one man with an A.K.47. im mean really America, dont make movies like “eagle eye” and “enemy of the state” infact dont even make a Rambo 9 if it takes you as a nation so long to find the guy that suppsedly killed 3000 of your fellow americans.

anywho…in memory of a man who has killed more people than small pox, we would love to present the world/durban with the Osarmie Bin Laden…tah daaa

it even looks like 4 terrorists hiding in a cave doesnt it

this sarmie, to end all sarmies, is only available today. and is my little brain child (although my wife had to research the recipe on the google machine) its a subtle blend of hormone free lamb, juicy apricots (no not out of a tin damit) fresh mint from the garden out back and a giant wholewheat ciabatta, ahh folks its a master piece of love and lamb.

like al qaeda, there is only a limited amount and when they run out there will not be another sarmie/cell to take its place.

the cafe will be blowing up (tee hee) today hurry to get your limited edition terrorist inspired sarmie, i wanted them to be strapped around the waiters waists like a bomb…but the wife said no(wet blanket)



5 Comments on “Osarmie Bin Laden”

  1. Rose says:

    I may be too infuriatingly far away to benefit from any of the food your amazing wife makes and now you are adding pictures to push my I-miss-home buttons (stop it, I know you are thinking of something rude to say) but your messages are worth reading just for the effect they have on my stress levels.

    Thx for the smile 🙂

  2. villy vill check says:

    durka durka lamb shwarma durka durka mel gibson dirka

  3. Ewok says:

    Brilliant brilliant once again you win you are my freakin FAVOURITE!!! You should create an Obama inspired meal, something tasteless, unispired, blatantly obvious and completely unhealthy and good for nobody, like an overpriced hotdog. Alternatively you could just serve a plain chop.

  4. Marianne Dubreuil-Storrie says:

    Well now, just think about it for a moment – he’s got 7 virgins waiting for him in ‘heaven’ – if you’re into that sort of thing….