hi honey, im home

view from my hammock where i lay & thought about movies i had seen

ahh memories hey

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck im relaxed (sorry for the bad language but it needed to be said so you understand just how relaxed i truly am).

dear chocolate egg stuffed regulars,

so i woke up all excited at 5am and went for a run (this has never happened to me before because of my stomach being so big), i dont run folks, but i ran like a cheetah (100m then i walk until my heart rate drops to under 125bpm  again) then i showered….completely naked…roar, made the wife a double macciato with honey, suited up like bruce wayne, and drove to work high on coffee and life. as i turned into Cromwell road ub 40 came on the radio, bru i havent heard that song (i got you babe) since high school, i sang along & tapped my foot even. then i sprang out the fun bus with the gace of  a moose, i had arrived at this little cafe of love and free coffee (for me).

how you may ask can one man be so stupidly happy, well its simple i just came back from 5 days in the midlands with new friends.

its a bit of a gamble going away with new friends…they could turn into the couple from hell, or start fighting, or the kids couldve been little shits…but that wasnt he case this time, really cool, chilled family even though the father did threaten to put a cigarette out on his sons chest if he asked for more food and the mom stayed up until 3am with my wife and drank every bottle of wine there was between the two chalets. we mountain biked along quiet dirt roads, drank castle lite till i had to pee ever few minutes. it was my idea of heaven chinas, my only job was to make coffee and i did it with pride each morning then sat in my little hammock next to the dam and fell asleep again.

since the divorce ive only ever been a day or two max without telly, this was 5 days, once the itching stopped  i could relax and reconnect with nature (would`ve prefered the telly though).

that folks is why im so happy and recharged….but its really good to back in an enviroment where someone else makes the coffee. we are back folks the cafe is open, and as i write this we are fulling up, my cup over floweth once more.



3 Comments on “hi honey, im home”

  1. michele says:

    happy to house sit again so maybe you should have another little trip sooooon.xx

  2. Ewok says:

    God how you have been missed…but don’t worry, i’ve been working on my aim. I’m away till Sunday but the wife of my life is home so go check on her happiness and coffee comforts please? LOVE!

  3. Paddy says:

    I hear you have been teaching the Quailo…, this must stop!!! HAHAHAHA….HAAA ?