the easter bunny is not true

dear bunny huggers, (not meant in that way)

this kid wil never eat a choc egg again

i feel the cafe is getting in the way of my mountain biking and this must stop.

due to the fact that i dont really care about money that much, and would much rather have a better quality of life, we will closed over the bunny/choc eggy season and be heading off into the mountains (not saying where, stalkers are everwhere) with the dogs, canoes,laptop and hard drive, dstv drifta & off course alfred (my bike). we even did a print out of who spends the most here and have invited them with (lets just call them pandy & caddy) oh and they have two kids and a dog aswell so thats 6 humans, 4 canines & one shit hot sexy bike.

the plan is to drink castle lite (low in total energy, not LIGHT) eat potjie, empty the hard drive and ride like Burry Stander (some hot shot rider, who days are numbered when i go pro).

rode the 18km Husqvarana Mid-Ilovo yesterday with a mate and a hot blonde(she did the 40km and made us look stupid) it rained the whole ride, mud up to the chain, it really was harder than matric, but i finished (near the back)…i wouldve won had it not been for my stomach (its still too large) and my fitness, so im leaving on thursday for a 5day training session in the mountains(altitude training i call it.

this glorious cafe will be closed at 3pm this thursday until 8am on the following wednesday (22nd of april intil the 27th of april year of our lord 2011). finacial we will be broke but who really gives a shit…lets ride bikes.

juddy-love-to-sleep in-over-easter-poo


10 Comments on “the easter bunny is not true”

  1. Lauren says:

    Sounds lush! Enjoy

  2. michele says:

    so am I still house sitting? 🙂

  3. Barbara Nash says:

    Not happy…..but enjoy!

  4. Raymondo says:

    if the Easter Bunny is not true, is his ad campaign un-warrented?

  5. Paddy says:

    2 shit hot sexy bikes, damn it ??

  6. villy vill check says:

    No mention of you finishing the Karkloof Classic? Disappointing… You were crazy to ride yesterday, your bike now needs a serious service…

    • judd says:

      i know its already come back form the service, had to replace front and back brake pads….but i had to keep the momentum going with heavy rides every week….enjoy zanzibar with your hot cherry, shes nice hey…tee hee, you ar also pretty super super super

      p.s. my wrist were too sore to write after karkloof, chicks dig my bike

  7. Alex Stuart Insurance Advisors cc says:

    The easter bunny is real i spotted him last yeat i promise.

  8. Woody says:

    Thanks Juddster
    When im back in Durbs, i need to pop in.
    Enjoy the weekend and his name is Barry.
    All hail the marmite soldiers

  9. Katz0806 says:

    Go on Judd, take the Wednesday off too. You know you want to. People must make their own food and coffee on public holidays. 🙂