we cooked 45kgs of meat in under an hour

dear 100,

lifes great folks, that was a very successfull party and yes we will be doing it again next month for bloody sure, i actually had 120 booked but you always get a few chinas who have to bale at the last minute for what ever reasons…so it ended up with about 110 and it was the perfect amount.

sure we lost the rugby but with that many quarts in person it was a minor problem that got drowned very quickly.

chicks loved my huge....screen


the staff loved it too, and were allowed to eat with the guests, and now on closer inspection it looks like they were drinking too….ill bring that up at the next staff meeting.

staff drinking into my profits

staff drinking into my profits


only after a few quarts did we start braaing like mad men, only a handfull of brave men could stand the smoke, we stood our ground and cooked that 45kgs in record time (partially cause we couldnt breathe) all the meat was from Hope Meats (hormone, antibiotic, free range etc) and it was surreal. when the meat arrived on sat morning i thought we had over ordered, i mean what are the chances of people eating 500 grams of meat each….impossible right, well i got no meat left and an invoice that says it arrived so either a pack of hyenas ran through here or you guys ate that much.

everyone wanted my wors


and then more meat came out...

lady gaga wouldve had a jol here, we did some brinjal and corn for the veggie folks.

my brother (going through a divorce) ross (best man & smoke tamer) and iJuddi

and then justin (below, hows that face) organised a kwaito band and it got all dancey and stuff so i ran out back to pick herbs and stuff like that.

justin johnny cleggy poo

i was checking for herbs...honest, i wasnt peeing, you guys know me...honest

there was however some folks who got out of hand…ie steven hawkings & another girl who downed half a bottle of caramel vodka in one sip, i wont say her name for fear of making her look silly, id hate anyone to find out her real name and she feels silly here in the future she even sent an email this morning appologising….

Date: 2011/04/04 01:12:39 PM
Subject: Saturday

Hi Guys 

Just a quick email to say thank you for an awesome night on Saturday, it rocked.  I drank too much, ate too much, met some cool people and danced like a loon – all in all a good evening. 

Also I have to say sorry about the vodka, Judd.  But it was damn good!   


Janette James

ok, i got to go, the floors are still sticky from beer….until next month my little alcholic friends

i love you



8 Comments on “we cooked 45kgs of meat in under an hour”

  1. Lauren says:

    Sounds awesome! We woulda come but no nothing about rugga

  2. michele says:

    that caramel vodka was the best part of the whole evening.. if you werent holding the bottle i would have downed half of it too!!!

  3. Barbara Nash says:

    Best night ever! Cant believe you kicked us out! Wish we could be at every single one of your parties.

    Love “The Stripped Zebra”

    Love you guys long time. See you Saturday morning ekse

  4. Kim says:

    Bring on ShaBeen Night #2!!

    Would kill for samp recipe. Honestly, if beans had a more flattering effect, I would’ve eaten the whole bowl and then the next table’s share! Big up for Hope Meats -they’ll be getting my order at month-end.

    PS. Really? NO leftovers?!

  5. Janette says:

    Oh… I’m never eating the from-our-own-garden herbs at Corner Cafe again… 🙂

  6. Paddy says:

    Steven Hawkings…… that was a cheap shot!! But honestly Judd we had a great time.. I think?

  7. simone says:

    keep us posted with dates judy-poo-poopski, don’t want to miss the next one mmmkay. *salutes*