what would jesus do….

"you`re drinking water out of what?"


dear people who drink water,

ok,  ive got this friend who is a restuarant owner and a Christian, so him and i had a chat yesterday and started talking about bottled water…blah blah blah ive got my opinion on the matter and so does he, we though we should put it out to a vote on the blog.

So our voting poll today is, if you saw Jesus walking along the beach (holding his sandles), chatting to people, and he had a bottle of water in his hand…what would the bottle be made of ???

if i win this poll, then he has to stock the water in my prfered packaging and vice versa(that includes any and all outside catering and events we/he does in the next 70 years). its in your tiny hands my little eco warriors, vote from your heart.


7 Comments on “what would jesus do….”

  1. judd says:

    folks the bad guy is darryl from yossi, 126 davenport road, 031 2010090 an cell number 0728203513, please only call after 11pm weekdays

  2. sandi says:

    Glass ek se

  3. Sean says:

    looks like Darryl lost this one

  4. Paddy says:

    I personally think he would be quaffing a good Merlot, but hey thats just my opinion??

  5. dan says:

    no space for clay jars? i think he would have that, or a wineskin.

  6. Christy says:

    I think when he turns water into wine, we’d all prefer that to be in a glass bottle