the good, the bad & the ugly

because ive been lank busy, is my only reason for not writting, dont get me wrong ive had lots to say…just no time to type it with one finger.

hello you happy folks,

firstly the good, 3 generations of Campbells went camping this weekend at Midmar Dam, my dad, my boet with his kid and i juddy poo. my brother entered his lighty into the mud skippers (100m run, 100m cycle and a 100m wade through knee deep water) we got there on sat night and set up base camp. the little guy was in his element, chasing girls on his bike etc it was like he didnt even miss the telly, i was hanging though (i missed some good rugby)

i taught him that a litre of petrol will start any fire, and if that dont work use 2 litres

it was a typical camping jol, we braaied, talk shit etc its been a long time coming and really relaxing. i opened my laptop with my new dstv drifter and my dad gave me a look that said “i dont care if you`re  35, if you turn that on its going in the dam” parents just dont understand.

sure he started running 5sec before the gun, but thats the campbell way china

the little bugger ran so fast in the opening 30m that he ran straight into the ground, but picked himself up and kept going, he was in the lead coming into the change over from run to bike, when my brother forgot where his bike was and it cost him 3 places, but he peddled like lance armstrong on pills to take the lead again going into water wade, buy then my dad and i , who had been running behind to show support, could hardly breathe.

high fives all round, he smiled for 3 hours straight

 and then the bad news, syd kitchen died…end of an era hey. he got married here at the cafe the year before last, and it pulled a crowd, all the muso`s pitched, huge volumes of black label consumed.

i was lucky enough to have one bender of night with him years ago at bean bag/taco zulu it so out of hand and out of the many photos that were taken these are the only two i can show you due to the fact that sensitive folks could read this silly blog.

so i said to him "what would happen if we had another tequila"

ivelost a bit of weight now but i used to have a a great pair of tits…and syd noticed

rest in peace bru, you wil be missed…and germaine coffee at the cafe is free for you for life, sorry for your loss, shout if we can help.

oh and ewok (that hip-hop/poet/actor/all round nice guy…makes m sick) did this tribute graffitti thing for him on the cafes wall, so before i call the police (he never asked me, so its still a crime) come have a look. he funded it himself but i gave him food and coffee (works out to about R5K)

its ok...

and then the ugly folks, (is this the longest post ever hey) this sat is our big “Shisainyame party” at the cafe. we are showing the rugby and drinking quarts and eating meat with our hands…its that simple, but its going to get UGLY my chinas.
doors are opening at 4pm and closing at 4:30pm and no-one leaves until i say so, if you havent booked sorry, its full we have 100 of the weirdest people i could summon up. we got young,old,gay,straight,fat,thin,ugly(only one or two), hot,black,white and even an asian guy (battled to find him). its not a walk in thing folks your name must be on the list…with no exceptions, even if the pope just needed to nip in to use the loo id say on sat.
yours in fun and rugby
p.s. please email me your beer preferances so i can order accordingly
p.p.s. i love you guys more when im tipsy

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  1. ant says:

    looking forward to saturday…heinekin if you will good sir!