no white folk allowed at the cafe on the 2nd april.

hows this artwork chinas...i know this design chick, shout if you need artwork done


oh its on like donkey kong,

so on the 2nd april the cafe turns into a shabeen, scary maybe…social event of year…hell yes. weve got hold of Hope meats (the guys in the sticks who dont use hormones, antibiotics & stuff on the animals) and they are bringing some of the finest meats and homemade vors etc its going to be a ball folks, im showing the game (dah, its like sharks v stromers) some live music out the back. we are only serving quarts and local wines, and the wifes making that pickled biltong stuff that my dad likes. we are only taking 100 people and ive already got like half the spaces booked.

oh, ja there will be stuff for the veg eaters…think like samp rissotto and giant bowls of saffron pap or something like that. im personally making a chilli chakalaka that could actually kill a grown man.

hurry, if you want in email me and dont take it as a confirmed booking unless you get a reply…im so a.d.h.d this could go so wrong.

ok love you all



4 Comments on “no white folk allowed at the cafe on the 2nd april.”

  1. ms_kamini says:

    So wish I could be there!

  2. villy vill check says:

    Are Russians allowed in??? I am black from the waist down…

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  4. lauren says:

    oh my, sounds awesome!