i beat Dave Leiman….

…out the car.

ahh people of the earth,

im truly sorry you didnt have a weekend like mine, sure you may think you had a great weekend and you may very well have had a great weekend….but not like mine chinas.

left work on sat (cafe pumping) drove straight through to this awsome piece of land we are looking at with some mates, got my first puncture. its was so cool, luckly we had reflective outfits or we wouldnt have been able to change he wheel.

bring sext back to wheel changing


anywho, this land, its high up folks 1890m above see level right above the karkloof valley, its truly a little slice of heaven. the views are for miles and there is this huge dam, not big enough for canoeing but perfect for a jetski (even if i could afford a jetski, its the breading ground for the wattled crain…and those buggers dont like jetski`s) so we pitched camp opened some beers and chilled…so relaxing folks, we didnt see another person for the whole day.

we had our evening bath in a the spring fed dam (yes we used eco soap, dah) and made dinner, we ate some veg/brinjal/mozzarella thing cause our camping companions were veggies.

imagine the mini splashyfen i could hold here annualy

it was very cool to wake up here, the wife and i slept in the fun bus for fear of leopard, she was scared not me.

But the best part of the weekend came in the form of a downhill, single track, 4,9km festival of adrenlin. we got dropped off at the top of hill (think k2) cycled another kilometre to the start of a 25 minute ride.

i was so excited i beat dave out the car, he lead from there on


i couldnt take any pics of the ride cause i was going so fast, i tried to act cool around dave who kept offering words of encouragement eveytime i went over a root or rock, he seems to be built for his bike, he is like an avatar with his Morewood bike (sexiest bike ive ever seen, im getting one i dont care what the wifes says) it was surreal folks to be going those speeds through thick forrest and over rocks. my heat rate was higher at the bottom than if i had peddled up the route.

my hands shook for 20mins afterwards, and i saw corners and ramps when i feel asleep, even before Carte blanche. im going back as soon as i can. dave leimen has ridden all over the world, over the alps etc and he reckons karkloof is in his top 3…karkloof corner cafe, sounds cool hey.

i love you folks, more now after this weekend of kiffness


lifes great


2 Comments on “i beat Dave Leiman….”

  1. villy vill check says:

    I am not jealous, just a little disappointed that you didn’t ride up to the top of the hill (“K2”) thereby earning the drop down on the single track… what am I trying to teach you here Judd??

    Up is better than down.

    I am keen to ride Karkloof Country Club. Let me know china.

    • juddypoo says:

      ah bru any time, you tell me…dont for get to keep easter open. we will ride like possessed seagulls in a blender.

      juddy poo