because its too hot.

dear you,

its been too hot to write, thats why i havent written.  its also been getting very busy very early at this little eco cafe on the corner, on monday we were 100% full by 7am, which is great for business but bad for the blog.

great news folks…ive ordered one of those hand held point of sale things, ahh man ive wanted one since i was a young little junior waiter at circus circus 16 years ago, now im the John Smit of waiters with this baby. ill be able to leap tall buildings and run through the cafe with the speed of puma…

those are not my hands, i bite my nails, they must be some hand actor guy.

ahh the joys of being able to print a bill from the kitchen or void some hot chicks bill from the loo, thats waitering folks, thats real service.

its also very eco friendly cause i can fire someone and they wouldnt need transport to work, who cares more than Juddy poo hey.

darryl asked me to blog about his night market, i said no cause there want enough food last time and there was only one bar…to which he replied…”naught bru, weve got lots of guys selling beers and over 30 food stores tonight, promise” so i said “where am i going to eat my food bru?” and then he said “ahh im so stoked you asked, ive got covered hey bails my china” so i said “ok send me the poster”

coffee and beer, tipsy and awake...perfect

 if i see you lets talk about my hand held point of sale machine ok.