the sharks and the whales won this weekend…go marine life.


with the amount of heavy metals in our water, whale can now be harvested already in the tin

dear mankind as a whole,

i dont want this to become some hippy/lets all hold hands and sing kumbaya kind`ve blog. but i do feel we need to get our heads out of our arse`s and start thinking a bit.

those extremists from “sea sheperd” have caused so much poo for the japenese whaling fleet that they have actually haulted whaling by japan for the rest of the year. which means they have saved 850 whales…what the hell have we done…i mean you & me. im hiding behind my little “green cafe” saying hey look at me i love seals, but if you look at those selfless buggers from “sea sheperd” they drive boats infront of huge ships, and i have a worm farm…i mean really. im all up for the whole argument “every little bit helps” but i think there is a shift coming, check out Ciaro…groups of people are standing together and saying “fuck off” to government, front page of the paper today is about Libya doing the same and its spreading yemen, oman, kuwait, morocco…etc these arabs are cleaning up, cant we do the same?

surely we as durbanites can start a little trouble in our own hood, ill start…

i, Judd Campbell, promise to stick to the new 10 commandmets –

1 thou shalt not eat tuna

2 thou shalt not litter

3 thou shall ride my bike to work 3 times a week

4 thou shall only support companies that give a shit about the planet

5 thou shall recycle like a mad man

6 thou shalt not waste water, energy or other stuff like that

7 thou shall love thee planet like a wife/husband/mother/father or some naughty little affair

8 thou shall not hold my tongue when it comes to the planet

9 thou shall grow more veg out the back

10 ahhh, shit i can only think of 9



4 Comments on “the sharks and the whales won this weekend…go marine life.”

  1. margaret wasserfall says:

    Hey Judd. Love todays blog. Those buggers arae crazy but it just took a handfull brave crazy buggers to win their war one year at a time. MW

  2. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    You go JUDDYPOO and the dude who said sea shepard is a bunch of modern day pirates, ( ILL refrain from saying something) but what did you do to save your planet lately. As an active member of Sea Shepard, yes the crew do take things to the extreme but extreme works greenpeace are a bunch of panisies you obviously dont give a continental so besides JUDDYPOO, sea shepard, myself and the likes who else is going to save the planet. sea shepard saved in excess of 1000 whales this season well done captain Watson and the captain of the Bob Barker Steve irwin would be proud of you.

  3. villy vill check says:

    I disagree… Sea Shepard (read C-stupid) are a bunch of modern day pirates who have no concern for human life or international law… they are terrorists with a great PR manager.

    On a side note, I will have my whale medium rare with fries… super size it too…

  4. woody says:

    Hey Judd

    Im with you dude. Whether its for country, world or universe.
    We all need to start somewhere.
    I started mine by joining a group called D.A.V.I (durbanites against the vaali invasion.)

    Should you come up with something, let me know.
    Well done too sea shepard, keep it up.