ive been asked to ride for south africa

i went right, there are no hero`s out there

oh my little extended human family,

i was feeling a little caged in last weekend so i took a little juddy poo time and went to the one place where the fun would never set, a place where i could just disapear… i went back to howick, i little known fact is that i actually grew up in howick, thats right folks i havent always been this deboniar, slick or well built. i used to be a very thin little boy who spent his weekends tubing in rivers and trying to kiss the tennis captain (kirstin gunther)

so a mate and i went to howick, he wishes to remain anonymous, ill just call him “toni”. so we shot up after work and found the first place where we could watch the rugby, it was some hotel cant remember the name (lots of brandy) and then i saw it folks, the most beautiful sight id ever seen, it glowed form the corner of the room like a super model….folks it was 2 flat screen t.v.`s one above the other. i was able to watch both the scottland and the stormers game. i couldve cried, i was in telly heaven and litte angels (huge black guy) brought me drinks and snacks. most people couldnt watch two games at once but i have a very perticular set of skills, i can watch t.v. like nobody else, ever since my parents split the telly was always there for me, my beacon of light and fun, my little safe place. im getting another telly this weekend…soon as ive found a way to tell the wife.

hows that shit folks

we woke up bright and early and headed to karkloof, it was amazing even with brandy ozzing out of our foreheads, and the heart burn from the fried food. we rode like lords of the Karkloof valley, through forests, down single track, over bridges, down dirt roads (i reached 51km/hour on a very rocky road, whos your daddy hey).

my life is perfect, im happy and ready to ride.