up the creek without a paddle

nice arse hey, hers aint bad either

dear non-canoeists,

donna winter walks into the cafe the other day looking for an award winning cappaccino, and finds it. tee hee

this little sports nut is very nice looking hey, she is going all out this year for the duzi (starting tomorow) every time i see her she is about to train or just fininshed training. any who, thought id ask a few prying questions that reveal the inner donna kebab (its my little name for her).

juddy poo- you surf, run, canoe, surf ski….if you could only do one of them for the rest of your life, what would it be.

donna poo- Definitely the surf ski paddling, the water is clean, you paddle with Dolphins, whales and whale sharks, its different every day and there’s an element of danger that keeps the adrenalin flowing and reminds you its great to be alive!
 juddy poo- can you eskimo roll a surf board?

donna poo- Hahahah, No I can’t so once I’m over it’s tickets!

juddy poo- are you seeing anyone at the mo….im not?

dona poo- Why no I’m not……and you’re a catch cause you make GREAT coffee:)

juddy poo- very true, oh so very true. and how do you take your coffee?

donna poo- Milk, two sugars and even better with a croissant!

juddy poo- are you scared for tomorows duzi? you can tell me i wont tell anyone.

donna poo- Scared?? NO, excited, nervous, pumped up? Definitely!

juddy poo- if you had a four seater canoe who would you put in the other 3 seats?

donna poo- Wow, this is a difficult one because there are so many great people I would have fun with; but since i’m single and there’s a chance of being boat wrecked out in the valley i’m going with Ryk Neethling, Ryan Kankowski and Josh Duhamel…….

juddy poo- if you break ur boat 100m from the start will you start crying or do you have a spare boat.

donna poo- Crying is not an option however Tequila is…..you aren’t allowed to swop canoes so it would be race over.

juddy poo- who do you look up to?

donna poo- I look up to anyone who never gives up; often people break canoes in the Duzi and they still finish even though they’ve put their canoes back together with twigs, duct tape and string!!!

juddy poo- are there any real bitches on the river…dont say names just yes or no?

donna poo- oh yes.

juddy poo- have you ever peed in your boat?

donna poo- ummm

juddy poo- thats a yes, id pee in my boat. what have you done for the planet lately?

donna poo- I recycle and throw things at people who drop litter…

juddy poo- you go girl friend, can i put stickers on your boat incase you win?

donna poo- Thanks so much Judd and you know you can!!!

roar, shes great hey folks and hot, which is great…no one likes an ugly paddler. we wish you well brave little canoeist, you kick ass if you come in the top 10 ill give you free coffee for life.

i love you folks, and you donna.