is that a croissant in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me

thats me on the left holding in my tummy

dear people who dont speak french,

(please read this with a very strong french accent) a few months ago the director (shes very cute guys) of alliance frances approached me to help them find an operater who could open and run a bistro/cafe/thing. i told them of this one guy tim (he is a lifer like me, but i think he has a matric) we set up a meeting, worked on a concept….fast forward 4 months, and last night was the launch. he mustve worked from the second we left that meeting cause the place looks amazing. he has redecorated the whole jol, and the garden has been completey guttered and he has more spinach growing than most nurserys.

so whats the problem you may ask….ill bloody tell you. this tim bugger has that glint in his eyes when he mentions coffee or even heres the word coffee, he stands next to that coffee machine like a proud dad, oh ive seen this shit before folks. he wants “cafe society” ohh and he wants it bad folks.

its called “the fat croissant” folks and its a great place to chill (they are only open on sundays) they have a small french inspired menu, and its sounds like their croissants could just be the first good croissant in durbs (ok they are not open on sundays, its just thats the day we closed) they also have a boule course (french marbles) for those  sat arvie`s with a nice glass of french vino, yummy.

anywho, thats the last time i punt him…he dont need anymore help. good luck tim, act like a little napoleon on your side of the freeway and ill handle this side. 



2 Comments on “is that a croissant in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me”

  1. Juan says:

    Cnr Windermere & Sutton Crescent, Morningside

  2. Pw says:

    Sounds cool – for a Sunday only of course ! Where are they ?