im not gay, but if i was, i`d date Kyle

nectar from God, coffee completes me.

dear Kyle you beautiful man you,

its 6;15am, just Doc dave reading the paper (first guy to send his coffee back if he aint happy), mishi jones on the pavement table (he tells everyone its his table) and sandra out the back (black filter coffee and 2 slices of marmite toast, everyday for 3 years, she`s my fvourite) and me. tumi, the manager has just brought me my double macciato and its the freshest tasting thing ive ever tasted.

so kyle, from colombo, im not sure what beans you are using and in what ratio (you treat our coffee like the coke a cola recipe) its fantastic normally bru, but this blend is your master piece. i might even take it home and say we are out of coffee.

my life is better than anyone else`s, my cup overfloweth…im living the coffee dream.



3 Comments on “im not gay, but if i was, i`d date Kyle”

  1. Derek says:

    HA HA HA Judd I am seriously doubting your sanity….think that you have FAR tooooo much time on your hands…… I think it is time to start a new project bro… like a second story on the Corner Cafe maybe ???

  2. CRAIG (the finance guy) says:

    HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM second guy to send it back i think JUDDYPOO…..

  3. Kyle Fraser says:

    Hahahaha! Excellent…