she is hot, he is not, but damn can they play.

every cafe has ninjas

dear people who like people who sing and play instruments like the guitar,

 so we have this duo that play on a sat between 12 & 3pm at the lovely little cafe on the corner, its changed the dynamic here from a lazy afternoon lunch to a occasion that marks the middle of the weekend and where giant spritzers, gin & tonics and ice tea cocktails are the order of the day. people clap after every song (no-one claps when i bring out a coffee, double standards). im not sure what catergory of music it falls into, but my customers love it and i get this little tapping sensation in my right foot.

the duo are portia (she answered the questions below) and jonothan (he didnt), she sings he plays the guitar (well), its all over by 3pm, cause its rugby season now and i must be at jackie horners by 2:50pm the latest.

its very busy so come early or dont come at all.

Juddy poo- did you ever buy the backstreet boy cds, be honest.

Portia poo- no, why did you?

Juddy poo- no, shit hell no. Who is your favourite person(not musician, or family)

Portia poo- Gisselle Turner, my drama teacher. If it wasnt for her i would not be able to get up there.

Juddy poo- i hear you, I’m like that with Kate Moss. How do you take ur coffee?

Portia poo- depends, mostly black with no sugar, but occasionally with a splash of milk.

Juddy poo- if you had to take Hanna Montana out, where would you take her?

Portia poo- id poison her at macdonalds or kfc.

juddy poo- who is your idol?

 portia poo- grace jones & brenda fassie

juddy poo- have you let it go to your head that you have helped increase the cafes lunch turn over on a sat?

portia poo- definitley…i think you should let such things go to your head. its not often that weget the oppertunity to.

juddy poo- who are you dating, details?

portia poo- ive been married for 2 years and have a child of 21 months.

juddy poo- what have u done for the planet lately, be honest?

portia poo- recycling, and ive planted a veggie patch on my moms land in mtwalume…but i dont feel like im doing enough.

juddy poo- if you won R49 million , what would you buy first?

portia poo- a bosch looping station.

juddy poo- you also sow, where do you find the time. what is your best cafe in the world?

portia poo- i have two, if  “the fresh sandwhich store” in brighton and “the corner cafe” met, they would be nest friends.

so folks if you want to hear them go to

i love you all equally


one of the dragons didnt want to play


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  1. mtsjungles says:

    Ha ha ha Shot Judd I now feel like a very important person Sweet.