take your best shot durbs, im ready bru

dear durban,

just walked in the door right now, its 6:45pm and i dont have much time before carte blanche, had the most amazing weekend with some very chilled people…i wont say their names as they wish to remain anonymous (there is no way i spelt that right).

we walked on the beach, watched rugby in a pub that shouldve been condemend, had 2 afternoon naps, drank castle lite, body surfed a few waves, and ate oh so well. its these little breaks that give me the strength to handle moody customers, to handle stupid question like “can you do a cappaccino without cream” or worse “are there nuts in your pesto” tomorow i wont frown, or get all sarcastic with you (5 years ago it wouldnt have bothered me, now i snap like a tooth pick, i over react badly) and im sorry for being a tad moody at times….but im back folks, im rested and im happy, this may due to the weed at lunch, oh not me, some of the people we went with smoked pot when i was close by and i may have inhaled some “gateway drug” but i asked them to put it out and they all laughed and pointed and called me “nerd boy” so i pretended to smoke, but i didnt inhale. its just not my sort of thing, im mature and i own an award winning cafe, i cant afford for my customers to hear such things about their loveable little cuddly waiter mixed up in mind altering drugs….spit (thats me spitting in disgust)

hurry up you beautiful, georgous, sexy durban monday morning you, im ready teddy.



3 Comments on “take your best shot durbs, im ready bru”

  1. Jackie says:

    Dear Corner cafe loves you

    I like your blog, but it has taken me awhile to work out if there is actually a cafe attached or if there is just a blog. Anyway I guess The corner cafe in Glenwood must belong to you.(correct me if I am wrong).

    Jackie (a Joburg person)

    • judd says:

      jackie poo,

      yip im a cafe and a real boy. its all mine as far as the eye can see.

      been 3 years now and im loving more than ever. you just got to pop in when you are next in my hood.

      juddy poo

  2. villy vill check says:

    Good to have you back fatboy…