i took 3 girls for dinner last night.

dear you,

ok bellevue cafe last night, bloody marvellous. we got there early and i felt bad cause it was quiet, but in like 20mins you couldnt see an empty chair, it was like they all arrived together on a bus or something, those folks up the hill are differant from us hey, they dress differant, its great i could move up there.

calamari and chorico cooked in butter, just fantastic, the girls had prawn tails on rissotto they wouldnt let me have any so it mustve been good.

for mains (see pic) i had a rare fillet with caramelised carrots on a shit hot potatoe bake thing…deadly i tell you.

our waitress was new and very cute, kirsty, she had pearl earings and a ponytail. she brought us dessert on the terrace, i love those little portugese tarts (the dessert not the waitress) as i drank my esspresso i realised my nipples were hard, the kloof nights feel nippy after a 35C durban day.


p.s. this blog may come across as all positive all the time but i only write about stuff a like, its not for me to slate others….having said that the next time i have a shit experience ill write about it, but leave out the name of the venue/band/book/show

p.p.s. joking about the book thing ive never read a book. 


3 Comments on “i took 3 girls for dinner last night.”

  1. Judd! You said you read my book.
    I’m wounded.

  2. StilettoB says:

    in kloof soon?? – oh happy days – where is the new venue?

  3. villy vill check says:

    Spell check is your friend… now repeat…