yoga helps your sex life

dear people,

my old man is now doing yoga here at the cafe on tues and thurs nights, this is not an advertising post as the classes are full and he cant take on anymore, i just thought id let you all know as ive been getting alot of calls from you folks saying that there are 20 people lying dead  on my floor at the cafe, a guy came up to me at the night market and said it looked like one of those evil cults in the states, scandal in glenwood i tell you, scandal.

the night market last night was a blast, a mate and i tried to chat up the girl selling breads, but she was too sharp, we went back after some oysters but still got bat. i ate one of everything and i looked 8 months preggy as a result. some albanian couple were making this bread/donut wrapped road a cylinder and covered in cinamon & sugar they looked like russel crowes forearm band things in gladiator, very tasty and warm, oh so warm.

popping down to green point after work tomorow for a little r&r watching the rugby in a dodgy pub with a dodgy mate….ahh rugby season is back, its been too long hey.

folks, i hope this is the best weekend of your lives, relax, get into the sun, love each other dont fight, i use too many comma`s hey, tell me if i do, i dont want to be that guy.

below is my dad spelling out ELVIS in yoga poses.



2 Comments on “yoga helps your sex life”

  1. michele says:

    the ppl at work all know when im reading your blogs. i laugh toooo much 🙂

  2. mel says:

    your dad is a LEGEND juddy poo!