dont go to market folks, you wont like it


dear diary,

we got invited to a Anura wine tasting at Market last night, now normally i avoid these things like the plague, but i had a bad day at the track yesterday and needed a little fun.

they had done the garden up beautifully, candles and fairy lights in the trees. there were little clusters of very attractive ladys dressed to th 9`s, and waiters weaving in between us with bottomless bottles of anura (bloody nice wines folks) heaven i tell you.

sam, manager/wine pusher, ushered us in side for first course “wild mushrooms, goats cheese with polenta croutes” perfect. i sometimes like to pretend i know a thing or two about wine and food pairing, but the truth is i know very little, ive been lying to my customers for the better part of 17 years, sorry.

next was ‘confit of duck on a butter bean and tomato compote” the highlight for me, i couldve used that duck leg as a pillow and gone to bed for ever, that was served with the  anura viognier `08 (i ordered a case, my wife doesnt know tee hee).

buy the time the lamb shank came out with the shiraz limited edition, i was both pissed and angry that a competitive cafe hadnt made a single mistake or dropped the ball, and then it happened, the duzi folks. there is only 3 things i dont eat on this earth fruit, gorgonzola & marzipan. and out comes the gorgonzola cheese cake with poached pears, finally something i can complain about (even if it was just a preferance thing, i had found a chink in the markets armour) i told sam that i couldnt possibly eat this. she dissapeared like a blonde ninja and returned with a chocolate version that was four time`s the size of everyone else`s and i got those “who the hell does that kid think he is” looks from the other tables, i showed that cheese cake who was boss, i ate every crumb lest it fell into enemy hands.

after that its blurry, i remember sam treating us luck foi gras ducks and kept force feeding us with wine, it couldve been tassenberg but the end of the night, an we wouldve been none the wiser.

my name is judd campbell, im 35 and love wine tastings, there i said it.



5 Comments on “dont go to market folks, you wont like it”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’d heard only good things about Market, and was ready to celebrate my bday there, tried calling during the day to get a table, no luck. Eventually got through in the evening, Sam answered the phone and asked me to hold, then proceeded to loudly complain about people who call at this time of the day to make bookings when it’s so busy. Then she had a problem with the time I wanted to arrive, I suggested an alternate time and she had a problem with that too. She was altogether quite lacking on the customer service front. I gave up, but I think I’d still like to eat at Market. Any suggestions of how I can try the food without having to deal with incompetents like Sam?

  2. villy vill check says:

    Your coffee is better though…

  3. villy vill check says:

    shot for the invite… eat there often, never have a complaint!

  4. Jonas says:

    Ha ha….like the mastercard add…priceless.