i dont like darryl hoffman, but i love his market

dear people who have nothing to do but watch shitty telly on a thursday,

the short guy is doing another night market, tomorow. noramaly id try put you good folk off going but it really is a great vibe and i just duck away when i see him coming (because of the obvious height andvantage)

he says there are like 30 food stores this month (so that means 20) fresh produce guys, artisan breads from shongweni or somehwere near there. oh and he has some people bringing in fresh oysters (hello nurse, they always get me in the mood…nudge nudge). there is no cover charge which is very weird for darryl.

it starts at 6:30 i think, please come so i know more people. we can have oysters in double eppresso.


lets wreck the joint